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About UC Davis L&S Yellow Cluster

Social Sciences' Yellow Administrative Cluster is a large academic unit within the College of Letters and Science, which consists of the Departments of Psychology, Philosophy, and Science and Technology Studies, the Cognitive Sciences Program, the Center for Mind and Brain, and the Center for Science & Innovation Studies. It also manages some administrative duties for the California National Primate Research Center.

Psychology Department Website:
Philosophy Department Website:
Science and Technology Department Website:
Cognitive Sciences Program Website:
The Center for Mind and Brain Website:
The Center for Science and Innovation Studies Website:
California National Primate Research Center Website:


Student Assistant

April 2022 - October 2022 Davis, CA
“Supervisors are very kind and understanding. They knew that buses run late sometimes and are patient. They are very understanding with schoolwork and the schedule is pretty flexible! Overall a very nice experience! I learned a lot about how the UC Davis department operates:)”
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