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How can I prepare myself before going into an interview for a behavioral therapist position at Trumpet Behavioral Health?

To prepare for an interview, I would suggest educating yourself further about ABA, practicing how to answer childcare scenarios, and be yourself! The HR consultant who interviewed me asked straightforward questions about my experience working with children. Then, asked scenario questions.
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What does a day in the life of a behavioral therapist look like at Trumpet Behavioral Health?

Depending on where you will conduct your sessions with clients (I.e., in-home, at the TBH center, or in the school setting), that will determine what your schedule will consist of. I work with four clients where the locations varies. I have both in-home and TBH center sessions. I enjoy working in...
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Could a major in sociology help prepare someone to be a behavioral therapist at Trumpet Behavioral Health?

Sociology has prepared me for this position by allowing me to utilize my skills on data collection, data analysis, and implementing programs to the best of my ability. Also, it has given me the opportunity to see more than just a cognitive perspective, but from a social and cultural perspective. ...
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