Tristate Financial Network

Recruiting and Marketing Intern

May 2018 • Louisville, KY

What I liked

I have loved working at Tristate! It is an energetic community full of hands-on experience in the business world. I have learned so much about business ownership, leadership skills, and communicating through conflict with this job. They are so flexible with college student schedules throughout the year as well and understand other priorities and obligations.

What I wish was different

One thing I would change would be a little bit more variety in the day-to-day. When working remote, it can get mundane from time to time, but the people I call make it more entertaining as well as sharing experiences with other employees. However, when I am in Louisville and can work in the office, it is much more lively and fun!


My advice would to be to not be scared of the phone. A lot of this job is calling people (not cold calling), but as a first position, it can be difficult to begin calling people out of the blue. However, go for it because both my people skills and over the phone skills have grown significantly while I have been at Tristate.
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