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About Travel Impactful

Are you interested in becoming a part of a fast growing company in the Boston area? The sustainable and impactful travel industry is a growing field, and at Travel Impactful you will be empowered to be creative and bring innovative ideas to the table. At our start up, you will be part of an amazing team where each of your ideas will be valued and respected by all other peers. Most importantly, we are looking for members who are truly passionate about sustainable and impactful travel and who are driven to make a difference in the industry and the world. If you are interested in learning about the travel industry as well as different countries we will be researching, you might be a good fit for this internship. Our interns are critical members of our team, therefore you will be coached and taught how to network and utilize your resources to the fullest extent. Networking opportunities will present themselves within the startup and entrepreneurship communities in Boston and beyond.

As an early stage startup, we do not currently offer paid internships. Rather than receiving monetary compensation, you will be rewarded in other fulfilling ways. For example,
You will gain valuable knowledge about startups and business operations such as business models, strategies, sales, marketing techniques, and more. By working with amazing teammates who are also passionate about our mission, you will be able to explore other positions to familiarize yourself with the multiple components necessary to create a smooth-running business. By learning about all areas of a business, you will be able to make better informed decisions for your future career. We are committed to investing time and resources into our interns to ensure that they gain more than what they put into their work.

At this company, everyday will be a new experience. For example, you should not expect to do mundane functional or office work. Each day will require creativity and brainstorming. You will interact directly with your superiors and peers in a collaborative, team-oriented setting. Overall, you will have the opportunity and freedom to create your own social impacts and to gain a deeper understanding of the travel industry. To learn more about our mission, visit our website at If you are interested in joining our movement towards leading sustainable and impactful travel, feel free to email us with any questions at!


Financial Analyst Intern

July 2022 - September 2022 Boston, MA
“Working in a start-up environment like Travel Impactful is truly invaluable in terms of the amount of experience you get. During this internship I was able to experience every part of the business and learn about the things that were essential for getting a new business off the ground. Learning about a real business model and how to be constantly thinking and questioning it in order to find something that is viable in the real world is something that has taught me more about starting a business than any class could.”
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