Travel Centers of America/Petro/Minit Mart

About Travel Centers of America/Petro/Minit Mart

TA and Petro Stopping Centers is the largest full-service travel center company in the United States, serving professional drivers and motorists alike.

Our mission is to take care of all highway travelers in the finest full-service facilities on the road. And, with over 30 years of experience, TravelCenters of America has established itself as a leader in serving travelers.

At TA and Petro Stopping Centers, we’ve made a huge investment in the future. But for it to really pay off, we need people who share our commitment.

We’re looking for people who are dedicated to improving the quality of life on the road for professional drivers and the traveling public. We need people who understand the importance of a good value and who’ll go out of their way to deliver it. We want our customers to be so satisfied with our service, they choose us every time they travel. And that level of satisfaction starts with TA and Petro people.



November 2018 Bowling Green, KY
“I liked the flexibility of the hours and the number of hours available. ”


October 2018 Warrensburg, MO
“Flexible hours”
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