About TransMedics

TransMedics was founded to address the growing need for healthier organs for transplantation. We are focused on transforming the standard of care – increasing organ utilization, improving patient outcomes, and reducing transplant costs.

The Organ Care System (OCS™) platform is a revolutionary technology for preserving organs used in the treatment of end-stage heart, lung, and liver failure.

The OCS is the first and only multi-organ platform to leverage proprietary core technologies across multiple organs.


Mechanical Engineer Co-op

January 2023 - July 2023 Andover, MA
“What I liked most was the amount of experience from those who I worked with. Several engineers had at least 10 years of prior experience, including in and out of the company. as well as from other topics of engineering besides Medical Devices. I also enjoyed the various skills I learned and developed as well. I developed my skills in machining 3D CAD (Solidworks), machine shop, 3D Printing, experiment performance and development, among others.”
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