About Tradebot

Tradebot is a proprietary, algorithmic trading firm that specializes in U.S. equities. We are registered as a broker-dealer with the SEC, and typically account for about 3% of total market volume in America. We trade stock for our own account and do not have any outside customers.

Tradebot beats Wall Street from Kansas City. For over 20 years, our core trading systems have been consistently profitable. We are a technology company that loves trading stock. We seek associates who are curious. We constantly find ways to make our systems faster and smarter. Internally, we are friendly and collaborative. Externally, we are intensely competitive.

Comparative Advantage:
Tradebot draws its edge from the following core capabilities:

1. Great Technology
Our associates love building great software. Where helpful, we even build our own hardware and networks. Our systems are reliable, yet flexible enough to quickly change as the market changes.

2. Research
We care about the technology side and the business side. Every year, we make significant investments in research. We try many ideas and put the best ones into production.

3. Risk Management
Markets are inherently risky. Our systems are designed to minimize risk and maximize our long-term risk-adjusted return. Hope is not a winning strategy. When in doubt, we scale back our positions.

4. Entrepreneurship
We keep our core trading systems strong. Time is on our side. Occasionally, we find a good opportunity and head off on a new adventure. Starting with an awesome team allows us to move quickly when the conditions are right.

5. Private Capital
We are proud to be privately owned by Dave Cummings. Stable capital allows us to focus on long-term success.

We recruit primarily from state schools in Missouri and Kansas. With fewer than 100 associates, we focus on quality rather than quantity. What makes a great associate?
• Aptitude
• Character
• Enthusiasm


Financial Analyst Intern

June 2022 - July 2022 Kansas City, MO
“It was unlike any other internship I’ve had, and truly taught me and challenged me more than I have been in a long while. I’d recommend this to anyone.”
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