TQIntelligence, Inc.

About TQIntelligence, Inc.

TQIntelligence (TQI) is the only global AI-powered pediatric mental health platform that uses voice to instantly screen/triage for trauma-based emotional distress to determine the right level of care and to support clinicians in underserved communities. Similar to how a thermometer measures temperature, TQI uses voice/speech to measure the severity of emotional distress. TQI's technology is based on the scientific relationship between trauma, stress, and the human voice; the platform uses the prosodic and acoustic features of speech to predict each person's level of emotional distress (negative emotions). TQI is the industry-leading AI-based platform that leverages patented voice recognition technology and uses 100% voice samples from marginalized communities worldwide to enable affordable, impactful, and evidence-based Mental Healthcare for Everyone, Everywhere™.


Social Media and Outreach Intern

May 2020 - August 2020 Atlanta, GA
“I enjoyed how engaging this internship was. I constantly was on my toes, and had to think critically about the projects I was assigned.”
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