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About Toyota Connected

Toyota Connected is a connected mobility technology company, which is focused on changing the way we interact with vehicles and providing new and innovative solutions to mobility needs. At TC, you'll work on projects, using the latest technology, data analytics and machine learning to create products and services that will be used by tens of millions of drivers all over the world. We are changing the future of driving, and would love for you to be part of the ride.

We are currently looking for Summer Interns in the areas of software development and data science. We accept rising juniors and seniors pursuing Computer Science, Data Science, Applied Mathematics, and related degrees from across the country.

We don’t need our interns to get coffee (we can get our own). Instead, our interns get experience working with real-world applications for data across different IoT platforms. As part of the 12-week summer program, our interns work on special projects or are embedded into production teams, working alongside developers and data scientists.

With every scientific advance, cultural shift and lifestyle change, we are constantly required to navigate new ideas, systems, places, spaces and possibilities. Within our ever-evolving technological landscape, we’ll always be someplace we’ve never been before. Toyota Connected has the vision we need to make the most out of this new world.


Software Engineer Intern

May 2023 - August 2023 Plano, TX
“I loved the entire experience from start to end. From my first day I felt welcomed and was treated just like any other full time employee. The intern program seems really refined at this point and I had an amazing experience all throughout the summer. All of the interns were placed on different teams with full time employees, and we all worked on real projects that would be deployed and used in production. My team was incredible and everyone was super nice and willing to teach me new things. I really felt like I had the opportunity to work as a full time employee and prove myself as a Software Developer. This was an amazing experience and I would definitely recommend this internship program to anyone who wants to work and bring real value to a company as an intern.”

Software Engineering Intern

May 2019 - August 2019 Plano, TX
“Toyota Connected has a very friendly, helpful, and supportive atmosphere. From the start, I felt welcomed to the company even though I was an intern - I was surprised when they offered suggestions for where to find local housing and even sent a couple care packages to me in the spring (after I'd accepted my offer)! They had a great program for the interns to hear from top executives (think CEO, CTO, etc.) of the company in addition to other opportunities such as scrum/agile training and a resume workshop. I felt like the project I worked on was meaningful and all of the full-time employees were more than willing to offer their help and to give feedback on the project.”
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