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Fashion Footprint incorporates both the social and environmental dimensions of the way Arcadia manages our business and supply chain. For us it is about education, clarity, integrity, hard work and excellent communication.

As we strive to produce fashionable products in a responsible and ethical way across all parts of our business, Fashion Footprint is establishing a legacy for the future. This report takes you through our programme highlights, and how we are addressing environmental and social challenges across four key areas: products, environment, employees and communities.

Over the past year we have been focusing on:

Working with and training our suppliers to ensure they meet our code of conduct, whilst looking for opportunities to further improve conditions for workers in our supply chain.

Finding new ways to reduce our environmental impact by reducing air miles, energy use and waste.

Engaging employees through lively and targeted communications to support our goals and enhance our initiatives.

Identifying ways in which Arcadia can benefit the wider community, via charity work, education and social integration.

More than ever we operate in a challenging, fast moving and global marketplace. With retailers on the high street and online sharing suppliers and factories, we must continue to work collaboratively with other brands, NGOs and to participate in industry initiatives, such as the Better Cotton Initiative and the Bangladesh Accord on Fire and Building Safety. These collaborations demonstrate our Fashion Footprint values in action.

We continue to use our Fashion Footprint programme to provide focus, harnessing under one banner the diverse activities to ensure that Arcadia continues to be a responsible retailer. We appreciate that this is a challenge for us and the rest of the retail industry.

Over the next year we will be reviewing the Fashion Footprint strategy. We look forward to sharing the outcome of this review as we issue our next Fashion Footprint report, ensuring we use our size and scale to focus our energy on the most important and impactful areas.

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May 2018 - August 2018 New York City, NY
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