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A real estate professional’s reputation is front and center and more public than ever with the Internet. With this in mind, we came up with our company Total Real Estate Rep. Helping real estate professionals put their best foot forward online is our mission. We were surprised to see how many agents had no online presence and needed our help. We do everything possible to help all of our clients.

Top Real Estate Rep started in Houston, Texas as a business consulting and digital marketing firm. We are focused on improving the online presence of top real estate professionals.

Top Real Estate Rep offers business consulting and digital marketing for real estate representatives. We strive to help top real estate professionals reach their goals. We are their business partner and will help with anything from consulting to search engine optimization with the main goal of helping grow their business. We provide a plan to dominate the competition through increased brand recognition and more in-bound leads.

Our work product is useful for all real estate professionals. Our services are designed to impact real estate reps of all experience levels, with our greatest success coming from working with seasoned professionals. We can help increase our client's online exposure and also further develop their local market. We will work hard to deliver the best possible results.

We work tirelessly for our clients as they reach increased success by focusing on their real estate digital marketing needs. Our top priority is to improve our client's online presence. We will help them devise the perfect game plan necessary to tackle the situation at hand. This work can result in the “Holy Grail” of the real estate business, namely, more in-bound leads.


Sales associate

May 2020 Houston, TX
“Ryan, the coordinator of the sales associate interns is amazing. Super kind, understanding and helpful. ”
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