Tooele County School District

About Tooele County School District

District Vision Statement- Creating A Culture Of Learning For All.
District Mission Statement- We will prepare all students for college and/or career success by focusing on best practices, data driven decision making, and a “students first” philosophy.
District Motto- Education Elevated!

Goal 1: Excellence In Student Achievement
Strategy 1- We will achieve 90% student proficiency on 3rd grade end-of-year reading scores and increase ACT scores by 2%.
Strategy 2- We will practice data-driven instruction, quality Tier I instruction, fidelity in curriculum and assessment, effective observation and feedback, PBIS/RTI, and personalized/blended learning at all levels to improve student achievement and school grading.

Goal 2: Excellence In School Climate
Strategy 1- We will guarantee kind, positive, inviting, and family friendly schools and staff. We will insist upon and train for good sportsmanship and digital citizenship.
Strategy 2- We will promote safe school learning environments for all students, staff, and patrons. We will establish a Counseling and Social Services Department and continue "Parents as Partners" efforts.

Goal 3: Excellence In Communications
Strategy 1- We will ensure effective use of PLC time and model productive collaboration at all levels.
Strategy 2- We will engage all public stakeholders through use of social media, website, Qualtrics data surveys, and written notification via multi-media efforts as outlined in our District Communications Plan.

Goal 4: Excellence In Business Operations
Strategy 1- We will be good stewards of public resources and taxpayer funding, as well as, public facilities.
Strategy 2- We will practice transparency and accountability in fiscal budgeting and reporting. We will provide students and employees effective and sustainable educational technology.

Goal 5: Excellence In Human Resources
Strategy 1- We will improve employee recruitment and retention through competitive employee compensation, teacher support and effective talent management.
Strategy 2- We will address educator effectiveness through employee evaluation and support, high quality professional development, and elimination of unnecessary tasks or roadblocks to student success.
2017-2018 Strategic Plan



May 2021 - June 2021 Tooele, UT
“I interned with Elevated Eats as they started their nonprofit cafeteria located at the school district offices. I liked being able to put all of my class learning into application from the ground up. I helped create a menu, price it out, ran projections, survey guests, train staff, and help to organize the grand opening etc. I appreciated that I got to make my own schedule, set up fieldtrips for myself, and interact with a variety of departments at the school district.”


May 2019 - August 2019 Tooele, UT
“Learning new skills.”
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