Tobacco Road Sports Cafe

About Tobacco Road Sports Cafe

Tobacco Road Sports Cafe is a dream that came true for the Amra brothers. Being avid sports fans and foodies, they had a vision of a new breed of sports restaurant. One where your friends and family actually want to go watch the game with you and where you know your kids can get a healthy, fresh and delicious meal. Where the food isn’t thawed out and then deep-fried. Where the staff not only know a thing or two about sports, but understand the importance of a request to view a particular game (or a few games) and the desire to enjoy exceptional service where your needs are anticipated and met, not where you have to waste time flagging down cocktail waitresses just to get a refill.

Making this vision a reality requires constant attention and focus from the brothers, but also the ongoing support of an amazing and dedicated Tobacco Road team.

We are proud to be a scratch-made kitchen with over 75% of our menu sourced from North Carolina vendors and farmers.



June 2019 Chapel Hill, NC
“Fun/easy job to make some money over the summer. Not too much commitment.”
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