About Thoughtful

We are building a platform that helps you to be more thoughtful with your friends and family. Clinical research shows that the biggest factor driving both our physical and mental health is the quality of our relationships. Yet the importance of meaningful connection is largely missing in the current cultural narrative around wellness. We believe that caring for others is a form of self care. We help our users set aside 10 minutes a day to focus on others, similar to how we might for meditation or exercise. We help users remember types of events we would want to support our loved ones through - anniversaries of the loss of a loved ones, upcoming due dates or health challenges. We recognize that simply finding the words can be difficult, and we provide guidance on what to say to our friends through different life moments, or information on holidays and traditions from different cultures. Most importantly, we advocate for an other-centric view of wellness, and aim to improve lives through meaningful connection. Thoughtful is a pre-launch early stage startup, and you will be joining a small but dedicated team focused on building the product from the ground up.


Product Management Intern

April 2023 - August 2023 Myrtle Point, OR
“Wonderful and collaborative team, I liked getting experience working in an all-remote environment, and it was super interesting to see how Thoughtful's vision & products progressed and evolved to respond to startup development and the fundraising cycle. It was also a small enough team that my contributions actually made a tangible impact on the product development.”
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