The Woodland Eye Clinic

Front Desk Receptionist

June 2018 • Elkader, IA

What I liked

I actually work in two locations of the Woodland Eye Clinic, Elkader and West Union, Iowa, and I really enjoyed getting to know my colleagues. It was interesting to see how different work settings within one business could interact differently: different attitudes of the average patient, the relationships between staff, etcetera. I also enjoyed building a relationship with my bosses. I now know that you can have a very positive and cooperative connection with those in a higher position than myself, but before this experience, I feel as if I was led to believe otherwise. Lastly, I really enjoyed being driven to accomplish tasks I wouldn't have imagined doing (communicating with patients and other businesses, contacting insurances, and so on).

What I wish was different

I really enjoyed my job experience thus far. I do remember thinking that I wished I could work in both locations more because I ended up missing my coworkers at times, but I think the hardest part was spending less time with family and friends. I am not able to see my family much during the school year, so it's bittersweet to go home to work and still have a minimal amount of time with my family.


If I chose one take away from my experiences at the eye clinic, it would be to place myself in situations I'm not always comfortable with. I feel as if the times I grew and found myself the most happened when I was uncomfortable or had to think fast. I found more effective ways to problem solve and communicate, and even realized skills I didn't know I had before.
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