The Big Favorite

About The Big Favorite

The Big Favorite has arrived, with a mission to make landfills a thing of the past. A Philadelphia-based revitalized brand, The Big Favorite has vowed to create the most reliable garments on the planet, for the planet, beginning with American first layer basics; soft and sustainable undergarments that go places, just not in the trash.

11 million pounds of undergarment textile waste go into landfills every day, biodegrading into methane and contributing to our climate crisis in a big way. Why? Undergarments are the one clothing category that can’t be donated or resold. The Big Favorite is here to change that, building the new version of American Legacy: quality products and a zero-waste, circular system that’s better for this great big world, turning potential waste away from landfills and into a resource by recycling it into new yarn.


Fundraising Intern

May 2021 - July 2021 Philadelphia, PA
“It was my very first internship on the USA soil. Thus, it was such a great experience to see how a business is managed and how to develop efficiently this start-up.”
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