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About TGW Company

TGW Company is an eCommerce retailer and consultancy active across multiple channels. We represent many industry leading brands, providing all the tools necessary to drive growth across all Ecommerce channels. TGW offers branded manufacturers and retailers strategic planning, content design and creation, and online marketing to ensure that our clients step into the eCommerce world with their best foot forward. We pride ourselves on our ability to effectively work alongside our clients to expand across multiple channels including Amazon, Ebay, Jet, and Walmart. In addition to our consulting work, TGW Company holds ownership over a growing number of online brands in the health and wellness market. As a family run operation based in Michigan, TGW Company is able to offer a human touch that is difficult to find at large corporate agencies.


Construction Laborer

January 2022 - August 2023 Bonham, TX
“Very good employees.”
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