Tenant Turner

Research Intern

January - August 2020 • Glen Allen, VA

What I liked

I liked the team. Everyone was nice and always willing to help when needed. This led to the work environment being very enjoyable. Due to it being a small business, they were a really close knit group and it made team building fun as well. I also liked the experience that I got while working there. I learned a lot about the real estate industry, especially from a property management perspective. It was a lot of different software to learn, but it was interesting and very eye-opening.

What I wish was different

I wish I had more variety in the work that I was given. Due to it being research based, a lot of the work was repetitive. I would have liked to attend some of the conferences, but Covid-19 made things a little difficult.


My piece of advice is to work for a start-up company or intern at one if possible. It gives you a sense of what it takes to start and maintain a business. You also learn a lot about the business in general because you get to see a lot of what goes on behind the scenes. It gives you a sense of achievement because you get to see how your work impacts others and the company is often small which gives you the opportunity to get to know everyone who works there.
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