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About Telescope Pictures

Telescope Pictures® provides a tradition to Ocean City, MD and Virginia Beach, VA and has for many years. We deliver a fun dynamic photo experience to visitors, right on the beach, and have since around 1945. Our company is not as much about photography; but, rather more about people, building relationships, and having fun with customers. We re-invented the photo shoot to give the customer what they want - fast, fun, and friendly. As a result our customers have continued the age old tradition for nearly a century.

To our Customers and the families and friends that come to the beach, we have become a vacation event. They expect us, know who we are, and have made us part of their Ocean City and Virginia Beach tradition for many years and continue to do so.

To our Employees, we have become more like a way of life than just another summer job. A unique place to become rewarded and recognized, meet new people, make new friends, have fun, express individuality, learn, sharpen important job skills, and graduate debt free.

So, whether you refer to our Customers, or our Crew, our company is about taking the experience to a different level. Nothing we do is status quo. We like to bend the rules as much as we like making them.

Also, Photographers work in a structured format. Shoots are dynamic, quick, and fun. They take just a few minutes and are easily trainable. The job is dynamic and even paced. All training and equipment is provided.


Sales Intern (Other Industries)

May 2018 - September 2018 Ocean City, MD
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