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How much work-life balance is there as a recruiter for TEKsystems?

The work-life balance is a hard part of the job. The expectation is that you will be working 10-12 hour days with little return at first. Luckily, there is a great group of people you get to work with everyday so that you still get to work in a fun environment, but be prepared to miss outside soc...
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How does your average day as a Technical Recruiter for TEKsystems go?

Technical Recruiters spend most of their days interviewing candidates in and out of the office, searching for candidates that meet their requirements and preparing candidates from submission to client's positions. Recruiters works in an open work-space, collaborative environment and meet daily wi...
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What were your favorite and least favorite parts about interning at TEKSystems?

The hardest part was calling people who had a bad impression of recruiters and were not happy to hear from us. The nature of the business is also very numbers driven, so if you don’t like the daily accountability of keeping up with your numbers, it may not be the ideal job.
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How does a typical day run for a Business Intelligence Engineer at TEKsystems?

A typical day starts with a stand-up call/meeting with other team-mates (generally 5-6 people) to discuss the status of the tasks done yesterday and plan for that current day. Then everyone disperses to start working on their assignments for that day. Most of the work in BI / Datawarehousing doma...
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Do data analysts have good work-life balance at TEKSystems?

Work-life balance is a subjective term and it depends on various factors such as what level is your position, what are your other interests outside of work, etc. I typically like to work long hours (because the work demands me to work) as it is the starting stage of my professional career. But as...
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What should I bring up during an interview with TEKsystems for a Junior Project Manger role?

A lot of your qualities will show and be communicated through your resume, how you present yourself and your experiences. I think sharing experiences in extra-curriculars while in college will play a key role. If you've held a position or membership for a club or organization, connecting these ex...
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What can I expect to be paid at TEKsystems as a Junior Project Manager?

TEKsystems is the company that recruited me for a position with a company called Freeman. This company brought me on for a contract position for a few months. At entry-level, hourly-based pay, and no benefits, I was paid $25/hour. I've done more research, typically someone seeking an Project Mana...
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What can an IT consultant expect to do at TEKsystems?

Post interviewing and signing documents with HR personnel, your assignment there may vary every quarter. I traveled across the state to test, reset, setup, and configure wireless devices inside retail stores. You could get an office job. Their clients continue to grow, so, I would suggest you...
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Wondering if TEKsystems is worth it in terms of starting off my first job with them..thoughts?

YES! Fair pay, too. Long hours. Special assignments, rental cars, play with technology?... absolutely a good place to kickstart your career journey.
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How much ownership over my work should I expect to have as a Sub-Vendor Associate at TEKsystems?

As a Sub-Vendor Associate you should expect to take ownership over all of your work. The main people you deal with are internal employees as well as vendors assigned to you; however, you should expect your manager to also through extra tasks your way. Management does hold staff at the corporate l...
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What is the company culture at TEKsystems like?

TEKsystems did maintain a high energy and friendly culture; however, their main focus has always been on "soft skills" such as communication. While it is great to promote open communication between coworkers and clients, this tends to lead to cliques being formed which becomes more apparent when ...
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What's an average day for a Recruiter at TEKsystems?

Things may have changed in the last little bit, since there came a new office director. When I was there, it was required that we arrive at the office no later than 7:30 AM to prepare for the day. At 8:00 AM, there was a daily meeting which lasts for a bout half an hour to go over the daily requi...
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Does anyone know if TEKsystems offer a mentorship program?

The company doesn't have a formalized mentor program but the structure enables you to quickly find a mentor. Recruiting is the entry level position at TEKsystemsand recruiters are directly aligned with Account Managers that guide them in their development.
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What is the training like for a Digital and Creative Services Recruiter Intern at TEKsystems?

The training is extensive and well-defined. You are assigned a mentor and go through a combination of online, workbook, and in-person shadowing, which prepares you to start working as a recruiter in the first few weeks. There is constant support from everyone in the office throughout the entire e...
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