Tech Goes Home (TGH)

About Tech Goes Home (TGH)

Technology, internet connectivity, and training are critical to empowering students, adults, and seniors with access to the essential services and opportunities provided by the digital world. Tech Goes Home collaborates with individuals, organizations, and institutions to provide all three across Greater Boston, but faces increasing opportunities, and therefore pressure for excellent systems and effective volunteers, to enlarge its scope and scale.

TGH has successfully demonstrated that their model helps students improve their grades, parents engage with teachers, seniors access health care safely and remotely, and the unemployed get and keep better jobs. TGH partners with the community institutions--schools, nonprofits, health centers--whose populations face systemic barriers to technology adoption, and provides the course framework, device, and internet access individuals need to participate in our digital world. Tech Goes Home is among the country’s most effective solutions for closing the digital divide.


Program Intern

June 2018 - August 2018 Boston, MA
“The people who work at TGH were awesome! I learned so much about my position and nonprofits in general!”
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