Electrical Engineering Intern

May - August 2019 • Eastlake, OH

What I liked

I loved the design aspect, problem solving, and the creativity involved in the job. Its something I was looking for and just didn’t know quite where to find. Having this internship experience opened my mind to something I didn't origionally think I would be interested in. I also loved the team of engineers I had the pleasure of working with. I was surrounded by support and all the help I could need to be successful.

What I wish was different

Honestly, the only thing I wish was different was the fact that I started interning so late. My first internship was the summer before my senior year. Wouldn't have changed anything about my experience at TEC though.


My advice when looking for an internship - don't be too picky! You can't really know what you like (or dislike) until you try it. Also, start applying as early as you can. Don't put off sending applications until finals week and start applying for internships before your junior year.
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