TapTapEat, LLC

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May 2020 • Edmond, OK

What I liked

The people and atmosphere of this company are incredible. It is perfect for someone who likes to be a part of a team and solve problems on a daily basis. The leadership is aligned and motivated, as well as understanding and helpful. They are always supporting their employers in so many ways. The location is great, right in the heart of Edmond. The office is modern and relaxed, which makes it fun to work in. There are huge opportunities to work up to a bigger role in the company, because it is small and rapidly growing.

What I wish was different

The TapTapEat support role that this job sometimes requires is less exciting than the rest of the job. Being on call just in case a customer or client have a problem is not fun, but TapTapEat is dedicated to having good customer service, even down to the smallest problem. That is one thing that sets them apart from other companies in that industry.


The best part of this job is the people, by far. The work itself can be monotonous and occasionally boring, but it is worth it for the people.
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