TAMUCC Payroll Department

student worker

August 2019 - January 2020 • Corpus Christi, TX

What I liked

Didn't dislike my experience, but definitely didn't love it either

What I wish was different

Management could've been a lot better, watched everyone like a hawk. I understand it's a job and people of course have to work, but it was a bit much. People weren't mean, actually quite nice, but just because people are nice to you doesn't mean it's the best environment to work in. Wish they would've recognized that people progress at different speeds.


Don't apply if you don't want to feel anxious all of the time. Literally everyone is always watching you. Everyone doesn't work the same speed especially if new, and not everyone is comfortable with people breathing down their neck and eyeing around the corner. The people aren't outright mean, but they don't understand that not everyone is exactly the same as them despite interviewing people and learning about them. They expect everything to be done yesterday and got after you if you weren't 100% always working when they themselves were on their phones and listening to music all of the time. They say it's lenient, but what they really mean is lenient for them and not anyone else. Glad I left, don't apply if you don't want to work with hypocrites.
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