As an entry-level professional, is RSM considered a good company for me to start my career at?

I believe RSM is an excellent place to kickstart your career. Although it is not considered a Big 4 accounting firm, the firm is still massive and has many publicly traded clients as well as small mom and pop stores. My favorite part about the internship was that I dealt with so many clients in a...
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There will be a RSM recruiter at my school's career fair. How can I make myself seem like a strong candidate? What are some good questions to ask?

Ask about the performance review system and how administrative staff are promoted Ask what the typical path is for career advancement and if they support relocation for administrative opportunities
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How can I turn my internship at RSM US LLP into a full-time offer?

Hi Andrew, will the intern get paid? Because I just got laid off. Thanks
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I've secured an interview at RSM US LLP! What should I know going into it?

Hi! As they have said previously, RSM's interviews feels like more of a conversation than an interview. Go in confident and give answers that you feel explain how you work on a day to day and what you are like as a person. Typically the interviewers are super nice and want to see how you handle y...
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Does RSM US offer any type of mentorship program?

As an intern, RSM will pair you with a "super navigator" this individual will assist you and be your mentor throughout your internship. This is a person you can go to with any questions or concerns, and if they don't know the answer they will find it for you. Interns have the opportunity to work ...
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What does it take to succeed at RSM US ?

To succeed at RSM, you need to have drive and a thirst for learning. I've been able to expand my knowledge at this company and experience a lot. You need to be able to ask for help when you need it to continue. The people here want everyone to do well so make sure you use your resources and ask f...
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What's the average compensation of a consulting intern at RSM US LLP?

RSM has a very competitive compensation for interns. I was in the technology and consulting branch and was paid $22 an hour and work 32 hours a week. Interns work Monday through Thursday and have the entire week of Fourth of July off.
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I've scheduled an interview for an assurance internship at RSM US. What qualities or experiences should I focus on?

I interviewed with RSM for an intern position in audit. While the first round interview was very information based, in each round of interviews that I had there seemed to be a genuine interest in trying to get to know me personally. It was very conversation based, where the interviewer wanted to ...
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Does RSM US offer a training program for assurance intern positions? If so, how helpful is it?

I was a busy season (December-March) assurance intern with RSM. Training was held in Chicago, Illinois for a week with all the interns for the firm. During the day you have "class" with about 20 other interns and two instructors that are auditors with RSM. At the beginning the basics of assurance...
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How would you describe RSM's company culture?

RSM's company culture is good. They want their employees to succeed and improve. They make sure that their employees are in the right hands, and many of them are willing to help when you have a question.
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What does the training program for an auditing intern at RSM US look like?

The training program for an Audit Intern at RSM is very thorough and well thought out. You will first be introduced to all the people at the firm who you can contact throughout the internship if you have any questions or concerns. Then you will undergo training with interns from other offices in ...
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I'm starting as a risk advisory associate at RSM US. How much work-life balance should I expect?

RSM is great with work-life balance, they are flexible with your needs outside of the firm. You need to be really good about communication though, as soon as you know you need to bring it to managements attention.
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What does a tax associate do at RSM US? What does this job entail?

A Tax Associate at RSM prepares individual and business tax returns. An associate will receive workpapers from the client and input his/her info into a tax program. Once the associate feels like they have finished, they go through a checklist the company provides to make sure they have completed ...
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Going into an interview for an audit internship at RSM, what qualities should I highlight?

Some main qualities to highlight in your interview for an Audit Internship are your people skills and ability to adapt to a changing environment. It is critical to have excellent people skills because you will be interacting with many different people with many different backgrounds. You want to ...
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What kiAs a potential assurance intern at RSM, what kind of compensation will I receive?

This is a bit of a touchy subject, I don’t believe I am able to come out and tell you exactly what it is (honestly I don’t know what it is at the moment), but I can lead you in the right direction. It is very competitive with the big 4. I know when I interned, I had a friend that interned with a ...
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What qualities should I highlight going into an interview for an IT help desk internship at RSM?

Highlight work you have done with computers. A lot of this job was solving computer problems in Microsoft Office and various other applications on clients computers. Show that you are ready to learn new things since you will work with tons of different problems and systems. You should be comforta...
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Does RSM US offer a training program for their IT Help Desk intern positions?

Training consisted of a day-long overview in which all the IT interns learned RSM’s basic systems for accessing client networks and computers. We learned our way around RSM’s ticketing and timekeeping software as well as applications for password management and device management.
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Is anyone willing to share what it's like to work a day as an assurance intern at RSM US?

As an Assurance Intern in the summer, we work a 4-day week (M-Th). We are assigned on engagements with an in-charge and we do work that a normal first year associate would be doing. The hours we work are 9am-5pm. We do a lot of account testing and work on excel to verify the accuracy and compl...
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