Quorum Architects, Inc.

Interior Design Intern

June 2022 • Milwaukee, WI

What I liked

I love how I was really able to work on my own and then collaborate as a team. Quorum has shown me that anything is possible in design, you just have to make a client want it as much as you. I liked learning about all of the material manufacturers and networking with reps in the Milwaukee, Chicago, and Wisconsin regions. I am able to see what a project is from start to finish while loving every second of the design process.

What I wish was different

I wish I was able to field-measure sites more. I liked to be out of the office and measure spaces that needed work done. I felt like I was just in the office each day towards the end of summer, so it got hard to focus just sitting at my desk or cleaning the material library.


I would like someone to know that you can never ask too many questions. There were some slow days in the office, so I asked if there were any projects I could help out with. This really stuck out to the Principles of Quorum, as it showed I was a hard worker and wanted to work. Asking more questions gets the job done and leaves you with less work in the end.
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