Quincy Engineering

Engineering Designer

December 2017 • Portland, OR

What I liked

Employee benefits, flexible 9/80 schedule, alternative commute incentives, partial reimbursement of fitness memberships, social events, great co-workers, working on a wide range of projects, opportunity to work on projects of your interest

What I wish was different

Employees have to ensure they have 80 hours of billable time every two weeks. This was challenging for me as a new employee when I would complete my planned work for the day but still needed more hours. I walked around the office asking others for work, and if they didn’t have anything at the moment I took a really long walk or lunch break. Fortunately, this only lasted through the first 4 months of being here.


Follow up with your favorite employers at the career fair. Sometimes the process of finding a job and getting hired can take 4-6 months. Be patient!
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