Quaker Houghton

Commercial Operations Support

April - October 2021 • Conshohocken, PA

What I liked

Great network for asking for help and reaching out, everyone is eager to help each other, just overall a very positive workplace (focused on safety!). I was able to undergo and manage my own projects, while also helping with some smaller tasks. Gave me a great perspective of different career paths, as I was able to talk to many other employees who had previous/current chemistry experience.

What I wish was different

That I didn't get more time in the office- mind you they had great online tools set up to reach out and meet other employees online- but I only got a few days in the office and I wish I had gotten more. (this was during COVID-19 guidelines/mandate)


Communication is key- you don't understand something? Ask. They have a great support system to help and plenty of online tools even for working at home.
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