Pluribus Labs


June - September 2019 • San Francisco, CA

What I liked

Everyone at Pluribus was friendly, happy to help, and genuinely made my summer internship experience a very positive one. I learned so much about the way Pluribus looks at investment management, and was so lucky to be surrounded by such smart and hardworking people who are working on something exciting and innovative. I enjoyed how there was a sense of structure to my work assignments, but that I was also trusted to apply my own judgement and creativity to the task at hand. The firm was a great place to work at, and we had weekly lunches where we got to learn more about careers within the company, which showed how dedicated Pluribus was to making sure the internship was a useful learning experience. I also really liked the location since it was super close to the Bart station and was a fun part of the city to get lunch in. I would recommend the internship to any student with an interest in finance because of how much you get to learn there and how you get to take ownership of your own project- it was very rewarding to be given such responsibility and independence while stilling having a network of support.

What I wish was different

Nothing! I had a very positive experience.


Don't be afraid to ask for what you want-if there is something you are interested in, or a project you want to help with, just bring it up! Everyone at Pluribus wants you to learn and grow from the experience, and to have fun while you do it!
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