Plunkett Cooney

Administrative Clerk Assistant

May 2019 • Petoskey, MI

What I liked

The company takes great care of their employees and everyone I worked with was incredibly kind and willing to take time to mentor and teach me. Even the attorneys took time aside to talk to me and answer questions and allow me to assist them with research or shadow them in court.

What I wish was different

I do wish that I had been given more work to do or more challenging projects. I also wish that I had more opportunities to shadow the attorneys in court, but still overall such a great experience.


One piece of advice I would offer is that if you ever are given a task and it is taking you an incredibly long time to do it or understand it, don't be afraid to ask for help. It is likely that there is some simple short-cut that you just aren't aware of. While you should do your best to be resourceful on your own, do not miss out on the opportunity to pick the minds of your mentors and gain insightful knowledge about the field or even simple tasks.
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