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How would you recommend to prepare for an interview for a Certified Personal Trainer position at Planet Fitness?

Bring a copy of your resume, any sort of Certification you've received (ACSM, ISSA, etc.), and know your availability. Understand that some facilities can move the training schedule around as long as it isn't drastic, most keep their trainer hours the exact same which may become an issue if you c...
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What's it like working as a Certified Personal Trainer at Planet Fitness?

Coming in there is no way to predict what will happen, unless you have a pretty set group of clients who come around the same time each day. One day you could be completely booked with clients coming in trying to get an evaluation and orientation of the equipment, and every "Design Your Own" prog...
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I'm curious what the main tasks are for a front desk worker at Planet Fitness!

As a front desk worker, you will be checking members in and meeting members - plus building relationships! Additionally, you will be cleaning and restocking the drinks in the cooler and any foods the particular gym may sell. It’s a very fun environment and you get the chance to build strong relat...
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