About Pivnet

We're a Digital advertising agency that specializes in the entire Central Atlantic Region.

We're looking for students with Communications, Marketing, and Public Relations backgrounds to join us in a hands on position that will not only educate you about the digital marketing industry but also give you direct experience working for an important client: one of the largest automotive manufacturers in the United States.

All of our interns spend half of their day processing data and the other half working with different departments such as our media department, brand and content department, data, analytics, and reporting department, and our accessories platform department based on their interests and skillsets.

Media Department:

An intern in the media department will learn the ins and outs of media and what the planning, buying, and deployment processes entail. This could mean anything from learning how to target audiences to ensuring that ads placed appear where they are supposed to.

Brand and Content Department:
In the Brand and Content Department, interns will get real world experience and the opportunity to have their writing on websites and social media accounts to reference in their portfolios in the future. You’ll work on active campaigns and write about our client, their products, and services.

Data Analytics, and Reporting:
Numbers define the directions of all campaigns we create for clients. In the Data, Analytics, and Reporting Department, you’ll get real world experience in creating, maintaining, and working on a team to develop reports that either guide future campaigns or empirically prove our worth to clients.

Accessories Platform Department:
We developed and built a platform to help our automotive client sell more accessories. It’s used in over 75 stores in the Central Atlantic region and the team here keeps it running. As an intern, you’ll learn what it takes to develop the front end, back end, and reporting side of how a platform like this runs, while gaining real world experience with an original platform developed in our office walls.
In All Areas

Interns will work directly with all team members in each respective department. We have a flat structure meaning, we don’t have bosses here. We’re a team and we all work together as such. We have expectations of each other and individual responsibilities but at the end of the day, you’re responsible for your role in the agency. That being said, all senior team members take it upon themselves to make sure other team members learn what’s necessary to be successful in the walls of a modern day digital advertising agency.

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March 2019 Timonium, MD
“I’m apart of a team that helps deal with the advertising of 77 Toyota dealerships”
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