Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership

About Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership

Downtown Pittsburgh is essential to the region--the metropolitan heartbeat where business, culture and entertainment intersect.

Formed by Downtown businesses, professionals, civic organizations, foundations, and residents, the PDP develops and implements innovative programs and initiatives to enhance the Downtown neighborhood. We also promote and market this great urban center to millions of people as the region’s premier destination to do business, to call home, or to visit for the best in shopping, dining and entertainment. The PDP also stands as staunch advocates for all those who make Downtown part of their lives—from businesses to workers to residents.
The PDP’s Mission:

To advance initiatives that foster economic vitality and improve Downtown life - for a moment or for a lifetime.
Vision—Our Essential Downtown:

As the foremost advocate for Downtown Pittsburgh, in the coming years the PDP will shift the perception of Downtown as being simply important, to being essential to the future well-being of our region:

Essential to an efficient, equitable and environmentally friendly transportation system.
Essential to meeting the lifestyle requirements of the —urbanist including the next generation of residents, students and people we will attract from outside the region.
Essential to attracting corporate investment—in dollars and jobs—from those seeking to be a part of a genuine 24/7 365 urban environment.
Essential to establishing a brand beacon known around the globe—a model for cities everywhere, for the sustainable 21st century city.

To achieve this vision, the PDP focuses its resources on five strategic areas: Clean and Safe, Economic Development, Transportation, Marketing and Advocacy. In our work, we partner with government agencies and neighborhood associations, as well as businesses, foundations, non-profits, community, civic and cultural organizations.


Marketing and Special Events Intern

May 2017 - December 2017 Pittsburgh, PA
“I loved working to promote the vitality of Downtown Pittsburgh while working on projects I was passionate about including digital media, marketing, and special events. While interning, I was asked to take on several special projects specific to my academic interests.”
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