Pipeline Foods

Communications Intern

March 2020 • Minneapolis, MN

What I liked

I gained so many technical skills, going from never having done graphic design to making hundreds of graphics. I had never had access to the Adobe Creative Suite software so I learned to use Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Lightroom. I also learned so much about website design through updating and creating whole new sections of our website. These new skills will be helpful for the rest of my life in both my professional life and my personal art. I was also able to improve my skills in environmental communication in a more corporate tone, highlighting the financial benefits of sustainability, an important skill when working towards legislative and corporate change.

What I wish was different

If i could change the internship, I would make it more people/nature based. I felt like I wasn’t making enough of an impact from my computer but this was mostly caused by corona.


There’s so much potential to decrease our world’s overall environmental impact with changes in the agriculture industry but many companies seem to value revenue much more than sustainability. The company is still making a huge positive environmental impact, just for different motivations than I have. You have the potential to incite more large-scale changes in corporate spaces, one of the biggest reasons I chose this internship, but you also face many barriers. So, I would recommend this job and others in the corporate world but would also warn about the culture that I’ve experienced at every corporate environmental job I’ve worked.
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