How can I actually prepare myself for an interview to take on a portfolio analyst position at PIMCO?

The best way to prepare for an interview for the Portfolio Analyst position is to know current events and bond math. I’d start by reading the PIMCO's cyclical and secular outlook on their website to give you a broad perspective on portfolio positioning and where the firm sees the markets heading ...
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Honestly, what does it take for someone to succeed at PIMCO?

thick skin, lots of politics - must play the game - can’t stress enough, know your stuff, don’t make mistakes, take up internal projects and initiatives, don’t expect to move up to a post Mba role unless you’re a top top performer that’s beloved, then, expect to be an associate for a really long ...
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I'm curious, what's a day in the life of a portfolio analyst at PIMCO like?

The day will start off with running morning risk reports, seeing what overnight changes have occurred and running attribution analysis on why portfolios have either outperformed or underperformed (if significant) and keeping up with what trades were done on the previous day to shift positioning (...
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I've landed an interview for an associate position at PIMCO, but how can I be prepared for it?

Study current market events Know where us rates are at and have been, yield curve Know if there’s anything notable in intl rates Be able to speak about credit spreads and breakevens if possible Be ready for “fit” interviews and technical interviews. They’ll drill separately
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What's a typical day like for a PIMCO associate?

get in 7:30, check to see if urgent emails from clients, read market events, see internal market related updates, do daily/weekly/monthly reports, prep presentation materials, handle audit requests, go to too many internal meetings, prep for meetings
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