Piedmont Fellows

About Piedmont Fellows

Begin life after college with a job in your career field alongside other like-minded young professional from across the country, in beautiful North Carolina! We're a Christ-centered professional development program for recent grads. As a Fellow:

- Learn how to effectively network and market yourself to employers and land your first professional job
- Build meaningful and intentional friendships with your peers, mentors, and business leaders in the community
- Develop healthy habits that leads to lifelong spiritual, professional, and personal growth

We transform culture by equipping young professionals to glorify Christ in every area of life. We're looking for believers eager to love and serve the local church, pursue marketplace excellence, and who demonstrate teachability with a willing work ethic.



August 2019 - May 2020 Jamestown, NC
“I love the welcoming atmosphere that everyone from Friendly Hills Church and the Fellow Program provided from the very first time I came to visit. It was truly a blessing to have so many people pouring wisdom into my life and helped me grow exponentially in my faith journey and professional career. I also like all different activities that we did together - hangouts, bible studies, theology classes, conferences, etc. that allowed me to interact and meet new people. ”

Content Development Fellow

August 2019 - May 2020 Greensboro, NC
“I liked being challenged to grow personally, professionally, spiritually, and relationally in the context of a supportive community. I really enjoyed fellowshipping and growing with the other fellows, as well as serving and building relationships at the church at which the program is based. I appreciated the investment others made in me, and the opportunities to learn about myself, my faith, and applying my faith to my vocation. I also enjoyed our intercultural ministry experience in London. ”
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