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About Phoofolo, Inc.

Phoofolo is the one-stop destination for fun, advice and camaraderie for passionate dog parents and all things DOG. Trusted, curated, focused and dynamic content, Phoofolo will prove on a daily basis we know our paws!

Phoofolo brings together Boston's great dog service providers and vendors with our enthusiastic community of users. We are not a faceless search engine nor encyclopedic like Angie’s List, Google, Yahoo or Yelp. We are “sticky” and engaging across all media platforms.

Come to Phoofolo to find a walker, check out the latest seasonal vet advice, read product reviews, share your dog’s photos and try our comprehensive Gold Medal dog concierge services. We’re all things dog.



March 2021 - August 2021 Boston, MA
“I loved the opportunity to research different companies and learn about all the different resources available to pet owners. I also loved knowing that once this company was able to launch its database, it would save pet owners time and money to provide the best care for their pets. ”
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