Phoenix Sister Cities

Intern to the VP

August - December 2021 • Phoenix, AZ

What I liked

Sister Cities has been such a benefit to my future career. While they cannot pay much, the people you will meet, the relationships you build, and the meetings you will participate in will be more beneficial in the long run than earning money in the short term.

What I wish was different

Sometimes there is no clear direction on what the delivered product should look like. This is frustrating when a lot of time is spent on a project then it needs to be redone. While the experience during the creation process is beneficial, it's hard to hear the deliverable is not fully usable.


Be prepared to be adaptable. You may be working on a big project, then suddenly you are pulled away to work on something with a tighter time constraint. You have to be able to adjust quickly and be ok with a chaotic day sometimes.
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