Philadelphia Gas Works

Occupational Safety and Health Inspector

June - September 2019 • Philadelphia, PA

What I liked

I loved my boss and other people in the company helped me to lear about gas and the safety behind it. I had no idea how things were done in the company and the gas industry was new for me. But, with the people I worked with, they made it great and taught me a lot.

What I wish was different

I wish I was able to do it for more time than I did. I only worked for 3 months and I wish I had more time with them.


When you go to job interviews for the company you know nothing or little about, do your own research. Be frank and be yourself most of all. Show them your are ready to learn and be the best you could be. Give it your full attention and work hard to show them you are not there to play games or only because the payment is good.
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