Phelps Hospital Northwell Health

Nursing student

September - December 2019 • Sleepy Hollow, NY

What I liked

This hospital was my nurse preceptorship and I had such a wonderful experience. My RN allowed me to do hands off nursing skills with him and I gained a lot of clinical experience that will help me become a better nurse in the real world.

What I wish was different

I wish I could have been able to connect with other floors outside of my med/surg Unit, however I learned more than the average student could have dreamed of being on this floor.


Phelps hospital is definitely one of the best learning environments I have been in out of my clinical experiences. This preceptorship demands students to get outside of their comfort zone, but it is the most helpful clinical skill you can learn in clinical. My advice is to push yourself and be as hands on as possible and take everything this hospital has to offer in stride.
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