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How to best prepare for an interview for an animal care specialist position at Petco?

When getting ready for an interview look professional and bring a resume if you have one. Be prepared to talk about your customer service experience. Customer service questions (e.g.: how would you deal with an angry customer) and problem solving is a large part of the interview. Also mention any...
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I'm looking for some information on what it's like working as an animal care specialist at Petco!

When it comes to animal care, all animals need to be fed and habitats spot cleaned daily. Wellness checks (checking for animal health) are done multiple times a day. On deep cleaning days all habitats are stripped of bedding materials, sanitized, and all bowls/wheels/etc. are cleaned and replaced...
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What could be most helpful for me as I get ready to interview for an assistant store manager position at Petco ?

I educated myself on the animal care tasks, inventory processes, managerial duties and overall job requirements for the desired positions ahead of time. I did mock interviews with a friend with feedback and answered the types of questions that are usually asked of an applicant for a position of t...
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I'd like to know what a work day often looks like for an assistant store manager at Petco!

Depending on the opening, mid or closing shifts that are assigned to a manager, a day in the life could change greatly from day to day during different times of year. The usual run down though is as such: some days arriving early in the wee hours of the morning to clean animal habitats and admini...
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Does anyone think it's possible for a general studies major to benefit someone taking on an assistant store manager role at Petco?

A Bachelor's degree in General Studies (Liberal Arts essentially) helped me in many ways. Not only did it educate me about the basic subject foundations that are vital for a successful career in any field, but the electives and other required courses I took were very helpful in both an academic l...
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