Pernet Family Health Service

About Pernet Family Health Service

Pernet Family Health Service is a vibrant, family-centered and resource-rich partner in the development of
strong, healthy and self-sufficient families and individuals who participate actively ​in community life​.

In the tradition of The Little Sisters of the Assumption, Pernet Family Health Service supports the physical, social, psychological and spiritual development of individuals and families by providing home-based health and social services that lead to long-term strengthening and enhancement of family and community life.

​​​- Belief in the dignity and worth of each individual
- Empowerment so that families have the tools to reach their full potential
​- Dedication and commitment to supporting families in attaining their goals
​- Recognition of every family's strengths and positive attributes
- Empathy for families facing challenges
- Teamwork to reach our Mission and Vision
- Mutuality in relationships, we both give and receive
- Respect for diversity and the richness of our differences



September 2022 Worcester, MA
“The people were all very friendly and it was easy to make great connections with the children through the program.”
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