Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

About Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

PennDOT oversees programs and policies affecting highways, urban and rural public transportation, airports, railroads, ports and waterways. More than three-quarters of PennDOT’s annual budget is invested in Pennsylvania’s approximately 120,000 miles of state and local highways and 32,000 state and local bridges. PennDOT is directly responsible for nearly 40,000 miles of highway and roughly 25,000 bridges, a system first established in 1911.

Roughly 10,000 of PennDOT’s complement of nearly 12,000 employees are engaged in the maintenance, restoration and expansion of the state highway system. They work in central headquarters in Harrisburg and 11 engineering districts, with facilities in all 67 counties.

PennDOT also administers the state’s more than 11 million vehicle registrations and 8.8 million driver’s licenses and oversees safety and emission inspection programs.


Engineering, scientific, and technical intern

May 2019 - August 2019 Harrisburg, PA
“This internship was fun and laid back. I genuinely enjoyed working with the other employees and the work we were doing. I learned a lot about geology and its practical applications in roads we drive. I also applied my knowledge on environmental processes to conduct experiments to simulate weathering. This internship was enjoyable and allowed me to apply my education. ”

Auditing Intern

May 2019 - August 2019 Meadville, PA
“With it being my first internship I liked how accommodating they were. It was all a process of them training me to do things how they wanted them done and it really calmed me down about working after college. Showed me that I do have al the tools and my employer will teach me how to use them.”
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