About PennEnvironment

With PennEnvironment, you protect the places that all of us love and promote core environmental values, such as clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, and clean energy to power our lives. We focus on timely, targeted action that wins tangible improvements in the quality of our environment and our lives


Clerical Volunteer

March 2016 - May 2019 Philadelphia, PA
“The staff is very friendly and passionate about what they do. The work (either logging information from petitions into a database {easier than it sounds!} or calling constituents to invite them to events) is very easy but helpful in the grand scheme of protecting Pennsylvania's environment. Hours are highly flexible which was especially important for a high school student like I was at the time. My time at PennEnvironment gave me a lot of experience in communication and advocacy. I highly recommend this organization if you're interested in protecting the environment through state legislation!”

Campaign Organizer

January 2018 Philadelphia, PA
“Working a full time career in advocacy is very rewarding and let’s me work every day on issues that I care about”
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