Ramp Service Agent

May - August 2019 • Dillingham, AK

What I liked

Housing and travel is paid for to training in Boston as well as Anchorage. Housing is also provided while at station in Dillingham, you're only financially responsible for your food in all locations. You get to experience beautiful remote Alaska and just how vital aviation is to the state during your time working the ramp. Also, there is no cap on OT so you can feel free to work as much as you like to maximize those paychecks.

What I wish was different

The things I wish were different PenAir cannot change. The food is expensive, your cell phone won't get reception and the wifi in your house won't be as fast as you are used to. These can be good experiences however, if you let them.


There is little in the way of entertainment after you punch out for the day, you will get close with the other students who go up with you. It takes an adjustment period to get used to coming home with the people you work the closest with so keep that in mind. Get to know some of the yearly employees, they can be a very useful resource when it comes to learning Dillingham. Pay attention to the clock late in the day, midnight can sneak up on you quickly because at midnight it looks like it should be 8pm.
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