Pearson Engineering

Engineering Co-op

May - December 2019 • Madison, WI

What I liked

I loved going out to do field work and actually examining the ductwork and mechanical equipment that was detailed in the CAD plans I worked on in the office. I made many trips with co-workers to Waukesha memorial hospital, oconomowoc hospital, and many other pro-health facilities and got to do more than sit at a desk. The company outings and "scotch and learns" were also super enjoyable and sociable.

What I wish was different

There were a few times were I was in between projects and began working on "back-burner" assignments that could become a little monotonous at times. Looking back its understandable now since the work was handed directly down to me from professional engineers who's project schedules may not be fluid all the time.


It is initially a very steep learning curve if you have never used Revit or AutoCAD but after a month or so it will begin to click. Don't be afraid to ask for help. The office environment is very wholesome and everyone there will be more than willing to help you if you ask questions
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