About Pave

Pave is one of the fastest growing startups in the world.

The world of compensation is broken today. Pave is here to fix it. Today, teams cobble together hundreds of messy spreadsheets and outdated surveys to determine how to compensate their workforce. Covid and remote work have made the situation far more difficult, and the notion of “market compensation” is now confusing to everyone.

At Pave, you will reinvent the world of compensation and help build a more transparent future of work.

Pave allows companies to benchmark compensation to leaders in their industry, analyze internal compensation data and make the right adjustments, then visually communicate compensation to their employees. We’re building the world’s largest real-time compensation data platform to accomplish this goal, and are acquiring amazing customers like Credit Karma, Discord, and Allbirds at an unbelievable pace. Come join our team on this mission!


History Tutor

September 2022 - December 2022 Sacramento, CA
“I loved feeling like I could my education to go work and help students.”
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