Passionist Earth and Spirit Center

About Passionist Earth and Spirit Center

Our Vision:
Recognizing that the Earth is our sacred home and collective responsibility, we envision a world in which human beings live in harmony – with one another, with the natural world and within themselves.

Our Mission:
Our mission is to cultivate a mutually enhancing human-Earth relationship through transformative learning experiences and service opportunities in spiritual development, social compassion and Earth literacy.

Our Values and Convictions:
•The Earth and all its inhabitants form a single, diverse, sacred community.
•Spiritual growth and compassionate service are integral to each other.
•Our Passionist heritage calls us to respond to suffering in the human community and of the Earth.
•We fulfill our mission by creating an inclusive and equitable community that serves people of all faiths, identities and backgrounds.



January 2020 - April 2020 Louisville, KY
“I loved that the location was close - within walking distance - to campus. It was satisfying to complete projects, work with the community, and other students. Invasive species removal and working with high school students earning community service hours made up the bulk of the work done.”
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