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About Page Communications

We publish three Vermont government and public policy news outlets: Vermont State House Headliners, Vermont Water Cooler, and the Chronicle of the Vermont State House


Summer Intern

May 2019 - August 2019 Kansas City, MO
“I loved the work environment and the people. I got real experience with real clients and I was responsible for a lot! I got to visit multiple media outlets around the city and learned a lot about the PR process for the hospitality industry. It was a fantastic experience I would recommend to anyone interested in PR.”

Social Media Intern

September 2019 Kansas City, MO
“I loved every aspect of my internship. They give you hands on experience working for several different clients in an extremely fun yet personal setting! The office is very welcoming- expect puppies and lots of snacks- but still productive. Interning at Page Comms you will learn a lot about media and PR, but most importantly form personal bonds with everyone in the office. I worked with two other interns and we supported each other during and outside of work. Other perks besides free food and a network of well-connected PR professionals as coworkers? You can wear jeans.”
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