Our National Conversation

About Our National Conversation

OUR NATIONAL CONVERSATION (ONC) seeks to become a gathering place where citizens from all walks of life can engage in intelligent, civil, and inclusive conversations about politics and public policy. We are part media company, part think tank, part social movement. Our goal is to produce practical, innovative, and nonpartisan proposals designed to make America a better country. We want our work to be so good that those in positions of authority simply must pay attention – and act.

Our organization promotes youth leadership, and many of our initiatives are aimed at college students. Our soon to launch website is interactive and community-driven and includes valuable input from experts. Visit our pre-launch site to learn more.


Marketing Intern

June 2022 - August 2022 Seattle, WA
“A lot of opportunity to learn about different areas. Got hand on ability to manage social media calendar and tools.”

Editorial Intern

April 2022 - August 2022 Los Angeles, CA
“The company culture was casual and relaxed and interns had a lot of control over their experience. Everyone was approachable, no matter their placement in the company hierarchy, and interns were encouraged to speak their minds and give ideas to the CEO and other higher-ups.”
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